69 Rue du Long Pot, 59800 Lille, France.

Our Story

RÉSEAU TANMO is a non-profit civil society organization, co-founded by a diverse group of researchers, journalists, and environmental activists from France and the Southern diaspora. Registered under French law in 1901, we dedicate ourselves to advocating for just ecological, political, and social transitions. With a focus on the Arab world, we create and disseminate ecological knowledge in local languages, provide training to activists and journalists, and foster collaborative ties between Europe and the Arab world. Firmly believing in a fair and inclusive transition for all, we champion sustainable practices and facilitate dialogue, aiming to drive positive change towards a more just and sustainable world.

What We Do...

Radio TANMO could serve as an informational and educational hub, providing regular broadcasts on topics related to climate change, environmental justice, sustainable development, and just transitions. This could include interviews with environmental activists, discussions with researchers and journalists, and stories from communities experiencing climate change firsthand. TANMO Radio could also host educational programs, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and how they can contribute to solutions.

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