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The inception of Reseau TANMO, traces back to July 3, 2022. Legally recognized as an association in France, it was born out of the necessity to weave a network that connected diverse actors concerned with just transitions in the Arab world.
The visionaries behind TANMO Network recognized the urgency to generate knowledge, amplify support, and inspire the youth on pressing issues surrounding climate and environmental justice. The spark that ignited this initiative was a gathering in Marseille and then in Cairo. A group of journalists, researchers, and environmental activists converged to reflect upon and lay the groundwork for this grand vision. Their intense deliberations and shared dedication paved the way for the establishment of the TANMO Network.
Finally, in July 2022, the network was formally established in Lille. Since then, the TANMO Network has been tirelessly working to promote a just transition towards environmental and social sustainability, guided by its mission of education, advocacy, and capacity building. Each step in its journey has been marked by unwavering commitment and deep-rooted passion, fueled by the belief in a fair, sustainable, and equitable future for all.

Our Philosophy

Grounded in a global perspective yet firmly focused on the Arab world, our mission is to create and disseminate ecological knowledge in local languages. We stand as fervent advocates for climate and environmental justice, promoting a just transition across the region. We pledge to relentlessly nurture education and capacity building, empowering activists, journalists, and researchers with the necessary tools and knowledge to ignite meaningful change in their communities.

Our vision is to weave enduring collaborative ties between the Arab world and its global allies, kindling mutual understanding and fostering growth. We aim to be dynamic liaisons with policymakers in these regions, vigorously promoting the adoption of just transition policies and sparking enriching dialogues among researchers, media professionals, and members of civil society. Our vision marries our broad global perspective with a specific regional focus, enabling us to actively contribute to global discourses while ensuring the Arab world’s unique needs are distinctly heard and addressed.

At RÉSEAU TANMO, we uphold the principles of solidarity, connection, networking, and cooperation, alongside environmental integrity, democratic values, and social justice. We serve as a beacon illuminating exemplary practices to galvanize sustainable development globally, while steadfastly affirming our commitment to the Arab world. Guided by our belief in everyone’s right to a sustainable and equitable society, we tirelessly advocate for a just and inclusive transition in the region. These core values steer our commitment to education, equity, and environmental sustainability, as we ceaselessly strive towards a more connected, cooperative, and just future for all.

Meet Our Team

  • Caroline Barbary

    President of the association

    Caroline Barbary is a Postdoctoral researcher of the ERC StG project LIVE-AR. As part of this project, she is working on the biographical consequences of Moroccan activists ...

  • Saker El Nour

    Program director

    Saker El Nour, a rural sociologist and Program director of the Action Network for a Just Transition in the Middle East and North Africa Region (RÉSEAU-TANMO), ...

  • Yasmine Ahmed Hafez

    PhD scholar at SOAS University of London.

    I conduct ethnographic and archival research to try and fill gaps usually concealed in transboundary management discourses and practices, particularly related to the Nile River...

  • Mohamed Ramadan

    Climate finance officer

    Mohamed Ramadan is an economic researcher with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science , and more than 8 years of experience working on issues from inequality to financialization ...

  • Hélène Servel

    Environment and Climate Journalism Working Group ; Women & Environmental and Climate Risks Working Group

    Independent journalist since 2014, she holds a master degree in comparative political sociology at Sciences po Aix en Provence. She mainly works on agricultural, ...

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