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Caroline Barbary

Full Name: Caroline Barbary

Current Position/ working group : President



Short Biography:

Caroline Barbary is a Postdoctoral researcher of the ERC StG project LIVE-AR. As part

of this project, she is working on the biographical consequences of Moroccan

activists who participated in the February 20th movement. She holds a PhD in

Political Sociology from Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her PhD thesis focused on the study of

networks of revolutionary youth in Egypt, their forms of collective action and their

recompositions during the period 2011-2017. From an in-depth empirical work and a

theoretical perspective combining subaltern studies and sociology of mobilizations,

she reconstructed the biographical trajectories of a multitude of actors, which she

articulated to the organizational dynamics of parties and informal collectives, and to

the political reconfigurations of the revolutionary and post-revolutionary period.

After her PhD she followed the Early Career program funded by the Arab Council for

the Social Sciences (ACSS) and she was hosted at the CEDEJ in Cairo.

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